{It's Just Me}

I just wanted to stop by really quick and tell you all that I am here, but incredibly busy, so I'm having a hard time trying to post entries each day like I wish to. A little update here with me . . .

We are selling our house ourselves - a huge chore, but hopefully we can do it and save us some realtor fees - sorry to my great-aunt, great-uncle and cousins who work in the realty biz, but we need that extra 6% to go towards our house that we are building (or 2nd big chore at the time being)! On top of that, my business (VWC Photography) is booming (a blessing!) because it's that time of year again - people antsy to have spring portraits and couples getting married. So, needless to say, my spare time is getting away from me. Of course I can't forget my kiddos who keep me the busiest as a full-time stay-at-home mommy - they are ages 3-1/2 and 17-1/2 months - they are probably the ones keeping me from posting entries on most days!

Anyhow, tonight I hope to post a few entries and then I will try my best to come back next week and post more often. Sorry to those of you who are my loyal readers. Some of you come back and come back more than once a day and I just love that about you! Don't give up on me!!

Happy Easter! :c)

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