Mon Apr 23, 1945

{Some of this entry I either cannot read well or I don't know what she is talking about, but I write it as I see it. If anyone has any corrections, please do let me know.

By the way, I'm back after almost a month away! We are all moved in and still getting settled. But we love our new home and town. Glad to be back here with you.}

Put V.J. in Sav. Dept. Oh boy! Don in Proof. Pretty busy & gosh am I tired this eve. Talked to Lorene this eve. She's a good moral builder. Kids all seemed to like my hair. Ruth baked checkerboard cake. Pretty.


Anonymous said...

It looks like someone with the initials V.J was put in savings department, and Don was in proofreading, since she was working at the bank, I'd assume it's proofreading loan applications, etc.

Nor family, but I love diaries, and vintage ones are just awesome. Your grandmother seems to be a real nice woman.

Anonymous said...

Check proofing was a position back in the day before computers were ever thought of. The bank personnel would have to proof each check through the account on which it was written.

I am coming very late to your posts as I just discovered them while reading another blog of old diary entries. Fun stuff. Thanks for doing this.