An award????

Wow, this is sooooo exciting!!

One of my very best friends, Alexis, an avid reader with a strong love for Grandma's Diary, has nominated it for a huge award, "The Best Blog of All Time"! This contest is a real thing and the winners will be announced in Orlando, FL at the Blogger's Choice Awards. What a huge honor this is to even be nominated. But what a tribute it would be to grandma if her blog WON!

To vote, all you have to do is go to this link ----> here or you can click on the Blogger's Choice Award badge in the sidebar, which will also direct you to it. Then once you arrive, just vote! You can only vote one time. So, once you do, if you feel this blog deserves it, pass the word along! It will only get votes if the blog is noticed and liked. So let's work hard to make grandma a winner, I think it would be really "swell"! (As grandma would have put it.) :c)

Added later *Anissa plugged me, so I'm plugging her (and thanking her!) for plugging me!*

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Jen said...

off to vote for you now :)