Grandma won another award!

Look! Isn't this exciting?!

Linda, from Second Cup of Coffee, has awarded Grandma's Diary for this Blogger Reflection Award! Is it not the neatest?!

I feel so bad because I have not updated here at Grandma's Diary in over a week, but it's just been so impossible to with having been on vacation and then just being so so busy (basically both at home and at "work") packing boxes in order to move into our new home. But don't worry, entries (and myself) will return. I promise!

Anyway, I was taken for a (shockingly flattering exciting) surprise when she told me this. Thank you, Linda, for giving Grandma and her generation recognition they so greatly deserve.



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Linda said...

You are so deserving. Every time I come here, I think, "I wish I had time to go back to the beginning of her posts and really get to know these people." And then I see the current pic of you and kids and think, this is her grandma's legacy! Wonderful.