Update from Grand-daughter land!

{Sorry I have not updated in such a long time. We put our house on the market and thankfully it sold in 9 days, but that's much faster than we ever dreamed it would! Now my family and I are off on vacation tomorrow out east (Sea Island, GA, anyone been there?! I absolutely cannot wait!) but first today I shoot an all-day wedding. I seriously don't know how I will be ready for tomorrow, but hopefully if I put my mind to it, I can do it. Anyhow, I just wanted to let everyone know where I've been and where I'm off to so that you don't give up on me and Grandma's Diary! Hopefully I can get some time once we're back and before we start packing boxes, painting rooms and moving to the new house. All that happens the middle of July. But I know how everyone is so busy this time of year, so hopefully you're all not sitting around wondering where I've been. Just wanted to tell you not to give up on this site because I'll be back strong in a few weeks. Take care and happy summer! In the meantime, here are a few new (well, old!) amazing pictures . . .

~ Valerie}

Here's another one of Grandma's mother . . .
These bottom two pictures came from a collage of pictures that had been scanned and put together, I think, for all grandpa's siblings and himself. So the quality isn't the best, but hopefully you can still enjoy. If you click on these picture, they will be blown up really large in your browser and then you can see faces and details much better.

This one here is a "Sears House", built by William E. Wallace - finished May 23, 1919. Sitting the picture is: Wm E. Wallace, Flossie Wallace, Sinah (?) Hester (Dawson) Wallace - Wm Wallace's mother, Ella (Evey) Wallace and Lewetta Wallace.

This one is titled "4 Generations". Sitting here is: George Washington McMillen (born on Pres Washington's b-day, hence the name), Charles David McMillen, Grace Ellen (McMillen) Wallace, and Russell Dale Wallace (grandpa's oldest brother). What truly amazing pictures, huh?!


Jen said...

I dont always comment but i always read your blog when you update
ill be here waiting
and BTW Im so Excited for you!!!!!!!!!! :)

lil ole' me..... said...

Wow! I can't get over how many great pictures you have of your family!

Have a great vacation and I'll be waiting for new posts when you return! :)

Linda said...

Valerie, please visit my site because I have given you an award for Grandma's Diary!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cousin Val -

Just to clarify, in the last pic is Grandma Ellen Wallace (your great-grandma), her dad (Charles) and her grandpa (George). The baby is Russell Dale - known as "Dale" - your great-uncle. (Our grandpa Russell, his dad, was Russell Winnie Wallace.) Uncle Dale was your grandpa's older brother - he died quite young (in his 40's?) before you were born. I think he and your grandpa were only a year or so apart, so grandma was probably expecting Duane (your grandpa) when this pic was taken. :)

Also, I think the first pic of the Sears House that Grandpa Wallace built, is the house that Janet (Grandpa Duane's friend) now lives in, or lived in at one time. (I think that's the connection?)

Glad to hear the great news on your house. Good luck with the move!

~ Cousin Lori (Wallace) Wray