Wed Jan 3, 1945

"Son" White & Elayne Barclay married this eve. "Gen's" birthday. Evelyn & I got her slip. Looked all over for Daddy some overshoes this eve. but no luck. Announced that farmers to be taken into Service. I hope Duane doesn't have to go - not that he's better than anyone else but . . . I love him.


Kelsie said...

Wow! Valerie I think that's really cool of you to post them on your blog!!! It's so awesome that you found those! who knows maybe i'll be able to find out more about grandma, because of course I was pretty young when she passed. But I was definately NOT too young to remember her. well I g2g ttyl LUV YA ~~~KELSIE~~~

http://staghounds.blogspot.com/ said...

"...not that he's better than anyone else but . . . I love him."

How many people have said that over the years. The dead have monuments and holidays, the veterans (SHOULD) have respect in the free country they fought for, but remember the sacrifices of the ones left behind.

Thank you for letting us hear her heart.